Hire Chloe

Dance lessons

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Highly recommend

"We have had the pleasure of working with Chloe many times at The Eye Hookah Lounge. Chloe is timely, personable, and always puts on a really fabulous show! Everyone has a great time during her performances. She is a very skilled Bellydancer both technically but also through her energy and crowd work.

The crowd is always excited because she is great at engaging with people. You can tell she really loves what she does. If you are looking for a Belly Dancer for your event, big or small, we highly recommend Chloe."

- Julia & Shadi 



“I hired Chloe to dance at my all ladies henna event and she was amazing! The most beautiful and wonderful belly dancer I've ever seen. She understood the music and connected with my family and friends so well. Especially with her smiley face, we couldn't get enough! I’d highly recommend Chloe‘s belly dancing shows to anyone.”

- Zainab


Chloe was fabulous!

“I had never witnessed a live belly dance performance before, but I decided to hire Chloe for my partners 30th birthday celebration! Chloe was fabulous! She brought the house down.

We all had so much fun trying to dance along and oh, the costumes were magnificent! She got almost everyone up and dancing. Who knew there was such an entertaining and interactive dance show for parties! 10/10 would hire Chloe again for her memorable performance skills.”

- David & Lionel


Pure joy

"I have taken private lessons and weekly group classes with Chloe and she is an amazing teacher. During private lessons Chloe structures the lesson around my needs as a dance student and is very patient, kind, and answers all the questions I ask. She explains things very well and I feel like I learn a lot and have fun at the same time.

Group classes with Chloe are pure joy. She is very engaging and brings a lot of good energy to each class she teaches. I would highly recommend trying a private lesson or taking a group class with Chloe if you get the chance to!"

- Sasha